Water Conservation Tips from the Bear Cave

Water Conservation Tips from the Bear Cave

Find out some easy water conservation tips that might work in your household. Saving water is everyone’s business!

The first few decades of my life were spent in Phoenix, Arizona. Without going to the record books, let’s go out on a limb and say enduring some of the hottest summers on record were part of that residency. When you see me at happy hour, ask me “what were you doing the day Phoenix was 122 degrees?” That story will last at least one round.

Here’s a quote from the Wikipedia entry about Phoenix:

“Average high temperatures in summer are some of the hottest of any major city in the United States, and approach those of cities such as Riyadh and Baghdad.”

Yet, the word ‘drought’ never entered my vocabulary until making the move to California! Talk about having bad timing!

Of course, few people could foresee the issue affecting California and other parts of the West. Let’s hope the forecasts are right about El Niño breaking the cycle of dryness soon. And, let’s hope drought relief comes without washing us all away (payback is a Mother… Nature).

Right now, the photos and news circulating on the Internet revealing the drastic nature of the times have definitely gotten my attention and inspired me to be frugal about my water use. Water conservation is everybody’s business! There are a few little changes I have made to do my part. The changes are more about peace of mind. Millions of people doing a little or a lot matters, if the numbers don’t lie.

Tony Bear | Water conservation tips

Running the dishwasher with a full load uses less water than washing the same number of dishes by hand. Photo: Wikipedia (because a full dishwasher at the Bear Cave is hard to come by!).

Some of the things that have changed around the Bear Cave:

  • Using the dishwasher more. As a single guy, everyday dishwashing is pretty much one plate, pot or glass at a time.  The episodes when Chef Bear tries to get his groove back usually generate a full load of dirty dishes. Running the dishwasher with a full load uses less water than washing the same number of dishes by hand.
  • Turning off the faucet when brushing my teeth. It’s said this saves at least five gallons of water every day! A hard habit to break but now I reflect on how leaving it running seems kinda stupid! Was I giving my teeth a shower??
  • Counting how many songs play on The Remix Channel while showering. This is my way of setting a timer. We should strive to limit showers to three or four minutes, which will use less than eight gallons of water. My showers run longer than four minutes but at least being aware of just how long is a start. When you see me at happy hour, ask me about how the negative ions in falling water affect our … oh never mind. Anyways… I make up for it by skipping the shower one or two days a week and taking a duck bath instead.
  • Washing the Bearmobile only once a month at a commercial car wash that recycles water.  As an apartment dweller, this is an easy sacrifice since my landlord would frown on my busting out a hose. If you live in a house, commercial car washing matters a lot. Letting the hose run in your driveway wastes mucha agua. In some cities, you could earn a citation from Officer Friendly.
  • “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” Easy to do in a single-butt household – hey a t-shirt with that on the front would sell big these days! You’re welcome!

Here are some other water conservation tips floating around the Internet:

  • Watering your lawn after sundown means less water evaporates into the air and more water gets deep into the grass.
  • Check the Web site of your water company and see if you can order a free toilet leak detection kit.
  • Check under the tank lid for the date your toilet was made. If the date was more than twenty years ago, your water company might give you a rebate for buying a new, water-efficient toilet.
  • Look into whether your city is paying residents to replace lawns with more drought-friendly foliage.
  • Keep a bucket in the shower to collect excess water for use on your plants.
  • When showering, shut off the water while soaping up, shampooing or slathering on your foofoo body lotion.

Please Comment below with some water conservation tips of your own.

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