Trim Down With Sheet Wrestling

Trim Down With Sheet Wrestling

Find out how much “sheet wrestling” it takes to help you burn calories and trim down!

You might have a healthy sex life with a significant other – or others. Or, your sex life might need a little boost. Read the articles in this post and find the ammunition you need to declare “exercise” as a good reason to make sex more of a priority!

Blog-writing on this topic is tricky because the word “sex” appears too many times, Google will think this is about porn. It could also get you in trouble if you are reading this article at work. So, to avoid problems we’ll use the phrase “sheet wrestling.” Just promise to wink every time you read it!

Sheet wrestling = weight loss? Not that easy!

SPOILER ALERT: you must put in lots of work to make sheet wrestling contribute to your weight loss goals. But, as it turns out, the experts are right about one thing – it’s all about technique. HOW you go about your sheet wrestling will make all the difference in how many calories you burn. The time of day, the number and type of positions used, even the food eaten before your sheet wrestling match all influence the amount of calorie burning that happens.

See if these articles inspire you to get “fired up” for a great weekend!

Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Sex as Exercise

And, if you needed a little more encouragement, here is some info that could help you take the sheet wrestling workouts up a few notches – and feel the ‘burn’…

Positions That Double as Exercise

These articles show why there’s all that calorie burn – the body is going thru a lot of work!

Weird Sex Facts For Women

Fun Facts About Male Orgasms

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Authored by: Tony Bear!

Writer, on-air personality, photo artist.

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