Reasons Why You Should Do More Kissing

Reasons Why You Should Do More Kissing

Longer lasting relationships, bigger paychecks, fewer traffic accidents! Find out how more kissing is good for you!

News flash: a kiss can actually help keep you alive! Sure we know it increases levels of the ‘love hormone’ but there is more to it than just getting a quick feel good – kissing is actually good for you! Research has shown regular lip-locking has many health benefits such as contributing to lower blood pressure. A German psychology study found men who kiss their mates live longer, make more money and reduced driving accidents. The study says the kiss can lead to having a more positive attitude, thus the benefits.

And, studies have shown relationships tend to last longer if the couple continues to engage in regular smooching. Likewise, being matched up with a bad kisser can lead to breakups.

As the seasons change and things around your love nest get cozier, use the info at these links to help put some heat into your relationship! You might live longer!

Health Benefits Of Kissing

What’s So Great About Kissing?

Just in case you might need a little brushing up on your technique…

How to Be a Good Kisser – Tips From Scientific Research 

Kissing Techniques For Any Occasion

Here’s some reasons to be choosy about who (and what) you’re smooching:

Kissing Fido Might Transfer Dental Bacteria

Is Kissing Dangerous To Your Health?

If done right, all that smooching might take the physical contact to another level. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of some impromptu ‘sheet wrestling:’

Trim Down With Sheet Wrestling

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