Keep Food Poisoning From Ruining Your Special Occasions

Keep Food Poisoning From Ruining Your Special Occasions

Avoid food poisoning by making the right decisions in the kitchen this season

We all know someone who is a little over-confident/naïve/reckless about their home cooking. And years of ‘doing it that way’ can still mean it’s only a matter of time before the odds catch up with us.

Whether it is tradition or just years of being blissfully ignorant, bad decisions in the kitchen before, during and after the Big Meal could send an entire family to the hospital. Or, as luck would have it, a bad case of ‘stomach flu’ might be the worst suffered. Whatever the case, that case of stomach upset / extra toilet time could be avoided with a little attention to the basics that professional food handlers must learn.

How home-cooking can kill

Home cooking might seem like a no-lose scenario. There are also lots of ways we can become our own worst enemies in the kitchen. You might know a home-cooker who is guilty of:

  • using expired food
  • washing/cleaning raw meat in the sink before cooking
  • thawing meat in the sink or on the countertop
  • letting cooked foods sit on the stove top for hours

Check out the links below and get some knowledge that will dispel some common beliefs and wives’ tales about home-cooking. Discover some things to look out for when handling food at home.

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What about those “killer” leftovers?

Keeping your kitchen from killing you goes beyond issues like food preparation! A recent study has found the plastics we use to store and reheat our food can introduce toxic chemicals that add up over time. These chemicals have links to serious health issues such as insulin resistance and high blood pressure. The chemicals can contaminate your food while in the refrigerator; nuking the food while in a plastic container elevates the level of contamination.

Study Shows Microwaving Food Can Lead To Diabetes

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