Hooked On Technology – Know The Signs

Know when you are hooked on technology! Learn the signs that show Web surfing, emailing, texting and staying connected to a social network is an addiction!

Read this blog and find out the warning signs that you are hooked on technology. There are symptoms of addiction and withdrawal in people who find it hard to step away from the mouse or take their nose out of the mobile device. If you can’t “unplug” – that’s when you are hooked on technology!

Internet Addict Withdrawal Symptoms

How To Fix Your Tech Addiction

Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Your Smartphone

Is Your Child Addicted To Screens?

Apps Help Parents Keep Kid Screen Time Under Control

Your kid might be hooked on technology. Read this article and discover why PARENTS might be the reason a child has ‘retreated’ to technology:

Parenting Style Linked To Kids’ Internet Addiction

More articles to help you feel better about living around technology:

Being around all your devices might lead you to an early grave:

Cell Phones And Risk Of Brain Tumors: What’s The Real Science?

…or ruin your career!

Your Smartphone’s Killing Your Confidence (and You Probably Didn’t Even Notice)

If you know a kid who spends lots of time with an iPad, here is some food for thought:

Are iPads Safe?

Here are some tips on how to cut your exposure to wireless radiation:

Top Tips to Avoid Wireless Radiation

There are tons of studies that prove ALL of our technologies have a disruptive effect on our sleep patterns:

The Many Different Ways Technology Affects Sleep

If you are the type to chill at the local Starbucks with a cup o’ joe and your tablet or laptop, you might be giving bad guys an open door to your life:

Stalker: A Creepy Look At You, Online

Never lose your cell phone again with this tracker:

Tips And Tech That Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Stuff

People of a certain age might want to spend less time looking down at the phone, in order to postpone “turkey neck” — a jiggling swatch of skin around your neck. Read the story at the following link, and find out some dietary changes and other things you can do to help slow down saggy neck even more:

7 Foods That Fight “Turkey Neck”

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