How To Have A Healthy TV Watch Party   

How To Have A Healthy TV Watch Party  

A TV-watching get-together usually adds up to a lot of food and drinks. Learn how to have a healthy watch party and keep on track with your goals!

March Madness. Super Bowl. NBA Finals. World Cup. Season finales. TV is often a big part of our group lifestyle. When we gather around the television for a watch party with our friends the plan is usually to do it up big!

The average Super Bowl watcher will consume around 1,200 calories – on snacking! Add on an entrée or two and we’re talking Thanksgiving-sized calorie counts. If it’s tough for you to say “no” to all that ‘super’ hospitality, look below and get some great things to keep in mind so you can keep on track with your goals:

Don’t Gamble Your Diet at the Super Bowl Party

No-diet Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

If the party is at your place, here are some fun, healthy menu ideas you can serve up that will help you “be good” but won’t make you look like a party-pooping health nut!

Healthy, Low-Cholesterol Super Bowl Party Food

How To Host A Grilled Cheese Party

Healthy Eating At The Cookout

If you are meeting everyone at the local sports bar, get some tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of ‘group think’ when it comes to eating out:

Are Your Friends Destroying Your Diet?

…and learn how fast your cocktails can add up to calorie overload:

Drinking Your Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

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