How To Have A Healthy Happy Hour

How To Have A Healthy Happy Hour

Learn how having a healthy happy hour is easy! If happy hour is in your plans for the weekend, make sure socializing supports ‘eat better, lose weight’ goals!

Drinking is often paired with snacking or eating. This is why having a healthy happy hour can be a challenge. It’s important to know how alcohol impacts your daily and weekly calorie count. One happy hour could stick you with thousands of calories you thought you had done a good job of avoiding all week! Thousands of calories equal a few more pounds, one week at a time! There is a reason why some of us are heavier on Monday than we were on Friday!

Read up on how many calories are in some of your favorite drinks, and you will want some new favorite drinks! Super creamy / super sweet drinks (white Russians, Kahlua and creme, margaritas, etc.) are carb-and-calorie bombs waiting to blow up your waistline! Two of these types of drinks and you are close to half your daily calorie count!

Get the full info below, and drink with knowledge! You’ll be on your way to a healthy happy hour, a healthy weekend and a Monday body that will make you proud!

Keep Alcohol From Wrecking Your Diet

Here is a really good list of cocktails, their calorie counts and nutritional (ha-ha) information.

Calories in Cocktails

One of my favorite things-to-do helps me be ‘in control’ of my calories and ‘eat less’ goals. A healthy happy hour at the Bear Cave! Here are some great ideas for when you want to serve up a ‘cocktail supper’ menu at home:

Tony Bear | Bear Cave happy hour apple martini

My version of an apple martini but totally natural (no MSG-based flavor enhancers, etc.). The result? A guest who swears “…you must have put something in my drink…”. Click the pic and get the recipe from my Big Oven page.

Happy Hour Menu
Bar Food Recipes

Here are some tips to help make sure your bartender respects you:

How To Get Served At A Bar

The 7 Worst Drinks, According To A Bartender

10 Things Not To Do In A Bar

Sometimes the trick to keep a night of drinking from ‘hanging’ around the next morning is all in what you eat for dinner:

Pre-Happy Hour Foods That Prevent Hangovers

If your festivities might extend into Friday and/or Saturday night, visit this page on my blog and learn just how many calories you might find in one night of partying.

Drinking Your Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner!

In case you have a hard time finding someone to do happy hour with you, remind everyone a drink or two at happy hour might save a life!

The Scientific Case for Pouring Yourself a Drink After Work
Photo “Happy hour love” by Todd & Anne Hoffman /Flickr Creative Commons

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