How To Eat Less Without Using The ‘D’ Word

You can eat less without using the ‘D’ word – ‘diet.’ Read on and learn how a little knowledge can give you lots of the power needed to meet your fitness goals.

If this is the year (month, week, day) you are going to hit your fitness goals, then you already know how difficult it is to stay on a “diet.” For many people (that includes ME) getting slimmer is just about getting a handle on eating habits. That means knowing more about the foods hitting my menu plan. That means being smarter about where my calories come from on a daily and weekly basis. Just making a few changes has helped me lose almost 40 pounds since 2012 and keep it off!

Like my Facebook page, then hit the timeline about 2005 and scroll up to this year. You will see the last few years of being the life of the party generated a more than a few pictures of the old wide body. It feels good to reminisce on those old XXL shirts donated to Goodwill long ago! | After 7

Me and my favorite XXLT shirt, backstage with After 7 right before the introduction at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts (October 21, 2005). I couldn’t bring myself to let this shirt go so if you can tailor a shirt for cheap – holla! (FYI there will be lots of fabric left over!)

I Can See Clearly Now

My life changed after putting the free MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone and iPad. The app makes it super-easy to know how many calories are in my meals, without making it seem like being on a “diet”. Eat whatever you want, just use the app keep track so you know when enough is enough. MyFitnessPal also tracks nutrients, which makes sure you are getting important things like protein, iron, calcium and vitamins while staying on top of carbs and sodium. You might enjoy “Friending” others who are using the app and then trade encouragements. Use the MFP Website to update your log if your phone memory is maxxed out on photos and video and installing new apps is impossible. NO EXCUSES!

Track Your Calories With MyFitnessPal |

Progress on my goals has been a consistent trend (with a bump or two along the way!) and the journey has been easy and stress-free! Photo: Instagram @tonybear_dotcom

Sit next to me long enough and you will get an earful about the way MyFitnessPal changed my life! This article tells a lot of the “why” behind this belief. Counting my calories helps me eat less and still enjoy lots of my favorite foods while being “diet-free.”

Imagine heading to the store with NO IDEA how much gas is in your tank, or how much money is in your bank account! You could end up on the side of the road with a car full of perishables and an overdrawn bank account!

The Choice Is Yours

It was easy for me end up “overdrawn” on calories in the days of being blissfully ignorant about how many calories were on my weekly menu. Of course being “over” equals two pounds heavier! Now, just by being AWARE of my totals the choice is mine – lose or maintain. Go over one day and get it right on the next day. Go over several days and MyFitnessPal will tell you EXACTLY how much you are overdrawn. Now you can plan how some treadmill or a stroll at the big box store will help dig you out of the red zone.

The absolute best part is I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT! It comes down to budgeting! Big lunch with a client on the calendar? Save my usual breakfast calories and put them towards lunch. Happy hour? My  whole day of eating revolves around how many of my favorite drinks might be going down. Pizza craving won’t go away? Look up your favorite restaurant (all the majors are in MFP) and plan accordingly.

MyFitnessPal is a must have during the holidays. By some estimates, a traditional holiday dinner plate could set you back a whopping 4500 calories! Armed with your calorie counting app and a few other tricks up your sleeve, your special occasions should leave you guilt free.

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Ain’t No Half-steppin’

Another ‘must-have’ app is the Runtastic pedometer. Runtastic counts your steps and sends the info to MFP, which then deducts the calories burned from what you have eaten! Now, a walk at the mall counts for something! Be sure to grab the free version – the Pro version is a battery and data hog. The Pro features might be overkill when you are just starting out. One good thing about the Pro app: it will keep counting steps even while you are talking on the phone!

Runtastic Pedometer

Many newer smartphones have step-counters built-in. My routine is to use the phone step counter for everyday activities.  The pedometer does a better job of converting my longer walks into calories burned and subtracting them from my total in MFP.

Lots of people make getting in shape and losing weight one or two of their January goals. Here’s an article with a few tips on how to stick with your plan, at whatever time of year:

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These articles outline some ways to eat less:

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Please Comment below with some of your most successful methods to help you eat less and lose weight!

Photo: “Food” by Joan Grífols / Flickr Creative Commons

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