Food Poisoning: How To Avoid Suicide-By-Kitchen

Food Poisoning: How To Avoid Suicide-By-Kitchen

Read this blog and find out how to avoid committing suicide by making the right decisions in the kitchen and keep food poisoning at bay.

There are many reasons some people have sworn off of eating out. For me, it’s about trying to take control of what goes into my body – some of the sodium levels and calorie counts of today’s restaurant menu items are atrocious! (see my article on that HERE).

Restaurant cooking gone bad has gotten boatloads of people ill; the researchers say we are twice as likely to get food poisoning when dining out versus eating home-cooking!

There are many gross kitchens from Hell showcased on television. Those scenes might have you wondering whether you are taking your life into your own hands by eating at the little dive spot with the great-tasting food.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy to see why someone would choose to avoid eating food from a commercial kitchen.

How home-cooking can kill

It might SEEM like home-cooking is your best bet. There are also lots of ways we can become our own worst enemies in the kitchen. You might know a home-cooker who is guilty of:

  • using expired food;
  • washing/cleaning raw meat in the sink before cooking;
  • thawing meat in the sink or on the countertop;
  • letting cooked foods sit on the stove top for hours.

We all know someone who is a little over-confident/naïve/reckless about their home cooking. And years of “doing it that way” can still mean it’s only a matter of time before the odds catch up with us.

Check out the links below and get some knowledge that will dispel some common beliefs and wives’ tales about home-cooking. Discover some things to look out for when handling food at home.

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Restaurants Pose Double The Risk Of Food Poisoning Compared To Homes

Keeping your kitchen from killing you goes beyond issues like food preparation! A recent study has found the plastics we use to store and reheat our food can introduce toxic chemicals that add up over time. These chemicals have links to serious health issues such as insulin resistance and high blood pressure. The chemicals can contaminate your food while in the refrigerator; nuking the food while in a plastic container elevates the level of contamination.

Study Shows Microwaving Food Can Lead To Diabetes

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