Have A Foodie Football Party For Two

Have A Foodie Football Party For Two

Serve up a foodie football party for two! Use that three-hour window to show your sweet side, instead of waiting for Valentine’s Day!

As another season winds down and your favorite teams have gone fishing, it might be challenging to find your enthusiasm when it comes to watching football – even the biggest game of the year.

Here’s how to add some excitement to the big game — make it a sexy, foodie football Sunday! If you know your partner couldn’t care less about the teams in this year’s game, seize the moment to lavish some attention on your honey and make an impression that will carry you until next season. Stay at home and avoid the run-of-the-mill football parties being thrown by your friends. Serve up some special couples-only dishes that are sure to help you score a few touchdowns and extra points of your own!

Get things started with this:

Bear Cave Appletini

Here are a few ideas from what’s often on the menu at the Bear Cave (seafood always gets the party started, right?). Post your Comments and let me know which you like, and which might make it to your party.

Wine-Steamed King Crab Legs

Shrimp Scampi

Bacon Wrapped Prawns With Chipotle BBQ Sauce. 

Hint: replace the prawns with chunks of lobster tail to take the evening up a notch!

Crab legs at Walmart

Look like a big spender – get to Wal-Mart for great deals on crab legs and other shellfish! You’ll look like a big, romantic spender!

An indoor clambake will make your place super comfy-cozy! You and your helper will have a blast working on the preparations!

 This recipe makes it look really simple — except you might want to cut the portions in half if it’s just being made for two, then nibble at it all day.

Indoor Clambake

This next clambake recipe is a little more detailed, but might be perfect for sharing if you just MUST have folks over:

Kitchen Clambake Recipe

TIP: let the heat of the kitchen warm up the place, then you each shuck your clothes and wrap aprons on. Guaranteed to get the dough rising and the gravy flowing – and keep all eyes away from the television!

Photo: His and Hers aprons available from amazon.com His and Hers Aprons.

Authored by: Tony Bear!

Writer, on-air personality, photo artist.

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