Drinking Your Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Drinking Your Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

It’s easy to end up drinking your breakfast, lunch and dinner in one Saturday night – and then still eat breakfast, lunch and dinner!

If you like getting your party on by drinking spirits, beer, or wine, read the cold hard truth on how a single night of socializing is disastrous to your healthy eating goals!

Being ‘up-in-the-club’ is part of my work. It’s fascinating to watch waistlines “grow” from month-to-month on the customers who love throwing back a few!

Think about it! One Saturday night you might see someone kill three margaritas or Long Island ice teas, and then go to breakfast. The drinks and the breakfast add up to 3000 calories! Wait – forgot to add in the carbs and fat in the creamy, super-sweet coffee and the meal!

Now your body is dealing with an insulin spike that is telling it to IMMEDIATELY STORE all the calories and fat. To ‘store calories’ means ‘turn it into fat.’ A 250-pound grown man should only be taking in around 2000 calories ALL DAY! So, 3000 calories in one evening (right before bed) equals a lot of storage getting ready to happen!! Can you say ‘extra baggage?’

Do the math

Do a search and find out the calories and carbs in your favorite cocktails. It will make you think twice about how you will roll next Saturday night – before, during and after the club!

Cocktail Calorie Counter

And no, there’s not enough “exercise” in one night of dancing to burn it all off! A woman weighing 120 pounds will only burn 90 calories after 20 minutes of INTENSE dancing! There won’t be much dancing because of all the time spent downing the three Long Islands – and choppin’ it up at the bar with your drinking buddy!

Calorie Burn Calculator

Sorry, it doesn’t give an estimate of how much we lose while ‘sheet wrestling’ after the club (related to mud wrestling – but not as messy on the clothes! But if there IS some ‘sheet wrestling’ in your future… here’s how to make it count:

Trim Down With Sheet Wrestling

BONUS TIP: Sometimes the trick to keep a night of drinking from ‘hanging’ around the next morning is all in what you eat for dinner –

Pre-Happy Hour Foods That Prevent Hangovers

Photo by Guillermo Ruiz/Flickr Creative Commons

Authored by: Tony Bear!

Writer, on-air personality, photo artist.

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