Bad Foods You Should Eat

Bad Foods You Should Eat

When we are striving to make good choices when it comes to our diet, sometimes the wrong things get cut! Read this blog and check out what the experts say about bad foods that have become a few of my guilty pleasures.

The doors to the refrigerator and the pantry get a work out on days when we are feeling cooped-up or stressed. So, in preparation for the weather El Niño might bring our way stock-up on some guilt-free, bad foods – foods that have been given a bad rap. The bad rap has happened for various reasons – junk science, fad diets, etc.. Moderation and counting your calories are always the keys to a healthy diet, but, at least eating some of these bad foods might comfort you by being good for your body AND your soul!

Check out what some of the experts say about a few of my favorites, and then visit the links to learn more about why you should include these “bad” foods in your diet.

Tony Bear | How eating well is living well

A tablespoon (90 calories) or two of unprocessed peanut butter goes a long way in providing protein and folate.

Peanut Butter – “…a tablespoon (90 calories) or two of peanut butter goes a long way in providing protein and folate.” Avoid the junk peanut butter products packed with sugar and palm oils, and go for the natural: just peanuts and a dash of salt. You can spot those – the oil is floating at the top! If you MUST have the sweet taste, drizzle a little honey.

Beef – “…lean cuts are a low-fat source of protein and iron.”

Dark chocolate – “…antioxidants that benefit heart health and reduce stress hormones.”

Rye bread – “…fiber, vitamins and minerals, and associated with a reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and excess weight.”

Whole eggs – “…the amount that one egg a day raises cholesterol in the blood is extremely small.”

Tony Bear | Bad foods you should eat

One the left, what is commonly called a ‘yam.’ On the right is a sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes (not to be confused with yams!) – “…a great source of potassium, vitamin C, and fiber.”

Fruits – “…high in water and fiber, which help you feel full with fewer calories.”

Fried foods – “…canola, safflower and olive oils have significant metabolic benefits and are health promoting.”

Cheese – “…high in calcium, which equals strong bones and teeth; regulates circulation and has cancer-fighting properties.”

Salt – “…helps keep fluids balanced, helps send nerve impulses and helps the heart and other muscles contract.”

Here are a few articles you might find helpful. Do a little homework and you’ll find ‘eating well’ or ‘losing weight’ doesn’t have to mean ‘starving yourself’!

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