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Tony Bear! is a multimedia personality and blogger based in the San Francisco bay area of California.

Freelance writing round-up – articles authored by Tony Bear! and then published on other websites

Communicators gotta communicate! Please check out my professional writing assignments published on other websites. An on-going display of them appears below. In the business, we call this ‘freelance writing’ – being a writer-for-hire to work on certain stories or topics as needed. Freelance writing can be very enjoyable whether you are interested in many subjects or like writing about your favorite subjects. With a little luck, freelance writing can often be a tidy way to let my fingers do the walking all the way to the bank! Drop a note my way via LinkedIn, my Contact form on the blog, or book me via WriterAccess.

You might find my reviews on Yelp helpful if you are looking for great drinking and dining experiences (that won’t cost you a fortune) around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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