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Tony Bear! is a multimedia personality and blogger working in the San Francisco bay area.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for stopping by this page to find out more about Tony Bear!

Six years as an editor and blogger on an iHeartMedia website tested my ability to write about more than trite, played-out pop culture news that you can find anywhere. Instead, it was more challenging to write about the things most interesting to me while providing some knowledge my reader can use to solve problems. The result: my blog ‘about stuff that matters’ helped to generate hundreds of monthly visitors and page views for our website – more than any of the other bloggers in the building!

That success and my interest in lifestyle-oriented subjects encouraged me to keep sharing via a blog site of my own. Blogging is now an extension of my personal Web site. is where you’ll find links to the sights, sounds and collections that represent the things that ignite my passion – my media career, my photography, living in the San Francisco bay area, and now my thoughts about stuff that matters.

This blog represents the latest chapter in a long, very blessed career that has lots of great experiences with reaching people via radio, television, print, events and now, the Web! Please come along for the ride on this next stage of my life! Please stop by often, and hopefully each visit will be worth your while because you left my blog with more knowledge than you had before you got here! Feel free to leave comments or share how what you read here might influence your lifestyle. You can also give me direct feedback or just send a hello by visiting my Holla page HERE.

My writing is featured elsewhere around the Web – and the list of websites is growing all the time! You can find links on my freelance writing portfolio page HERE. Please bookmark the page, and drop by often to see what’s cooking!

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